Moonlighting wsg. Ty Schmidt

February 4, 2019

Wouldn't it be great if working were as straightforward as "go to work, then get paid"? Performers at the January mainstage event told stories that showed it's rarely that easy.


Stories begin at:

Christy Prahl 00:32

Stewie McFerran 16:42

Anne Bonney 25:55

Heather Hudson 37:00

John J. Klapko 50:37

Christal Frost 1:08:45

Karen Stein and Ty Schmidt: 1:27:43





In Threes wsg. Ben Whiting

January 22, 2019

Is 3 truly the magic number? We'll find out when scheduled performers take the stage to tell true, first-person stories of threes.


Stories begin at

Jen Loup 0:34

Tim Keenan 10:19

Dave Murphy: 19:40

Sue Ann Round 31:24

Jeff Smith 48:34

Ben Whiting and Karen Stein 01:03:33


Beat the Clock! wsg Christal Frost

December 3, 2018

Slow and steady won't win at this Here:Say as scheduled performers tell true, first-person stories about the race against time. 

Leslie Tye 00:39

Joseph Baumann 11:11

Jonelle Bowers 22:45

Matt Soderquist 39:00

Elon Cameron 49:00

"In Threes" wsg. Christal Frost 1:09:13




School’d wsg. Matt Soderquist

November 5, 2018

Join us for our Season 6 kickoff mainstage show as scheduled performers at the take the stage to tell true, first-person tales about times they've learned some hard lessons. Featuring stories by Jen Loup, Dave Murphy, Karen Stein, and Christal Frost, plus special guest Matt Soderquist talking about the next show's theme. 


Toe To Toe wsg. Erin W from Parallel 45

August 21, 2018

We didn't let Season 5 end without a fight! At our last show of the regular season, performers took the stage to tell true stories about times they had to put up their dukes. Featuring Karin Killian, Gary Schilke, Elon Cameron, James Berg, and Nancy Baker. 


Here:Say Presents: PSA

May 18, 2018

Public service announcement: Scheduled performers at the April Here:Say took the stage to tell true *cautionary* tales that will entertain us as much as they help us learn from these storytellers' mistakes! Featuring Chris Lemanski, Jen Loup, Jeff Smith, Simon Joseph, and Elon Cameron. 


Lie Like A Rug

April 9, 2018

On March 19 2018, performers took the stage to tell true stories about lies: lies they've been told, lies they've told others, and lies they've told themselves...


Featuring Jody Betten, Dave Murphy, Daniel Stewart, Lesley Tye, and Matt Soderquist 


Love Craptually

March 12, 2018

In our post-Valentine's love hangover, Here:Say storytellers got into tales of love gone astray... Featuring Betsy Emdin, Brad Lystra, Jonelle Bowers, Heather Hudson, Lisa Rosendahl, and Karen Stein. 



February 4, 2018

Sometimes what seems like a minor action can lead to an unexpectedly outsized reaction. Scheduled performers will take the stage on this night to tell true stories of times that something in their life has snowballed...  Featuring Karin Killian, Jen Loup, Brad Lystra, and Nancy Baker. 


That Week…

January 8, 2018

Sometimes we get a whole lot of life in the span of just one week. Performers took the stage on December 20, 2017, to tell true tales of their weeks that were *that* week. Featuring Jonelle Bowers, Matt Soderquist, Jenn Cameron, Heather Schalge, Pauly Hurlbert, and Karen Stein